Trash Titan and Greasy Goodness

Woooooooooo! Managed to make the day dissapear and accomplish abso-fucking-lutly nothing. Like it would have been more productive if I hadn’t even got out of bed, but I guess writing this post is somewhat productive. But not really.

Anyway. So Trash Titan are yet another band playing an excellent combination of straight cut rock and stoner grooves. This three piece from LA produce the kind of sound that brings to mind a beer stained bar, boot cut blue jeans and mustaches. Playing much more on the simple and straightforward side of the riff, their 5 song EP is sure to generate some good times.

Memorable riffs that flirt with the classic without ever becoming overly derivative, slightly sloppy drumming and the perfect amount of whiskey scarring on the vocals, it’s great drinking tunes. Add in a couple bluesy touches and you’ve got yourself another solid set of songs. It’s plain and simple rock ‘n’ roll anthems, the musical equivalent of a cheeseburger with fries. It’s not fancy, it’s not expensive but it’s still damn tasty.

You can purchase the EP for anywhere from $7 to $15 depending on edition (Read: Comes with a shirt). Links are below so you can make it a cheeseburger kinda day.

Trash Titan Bandcamp

Trash Titan Facebook


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