Some Huns and their Sons

The Huns were a group of nomadic tribesmen that existed in and around 400 AD. Their quick and bloody rise to fame was capped by a unified empire fronted by none other than the infamous Attila the Hun. This empire did not last much longer after his death, as internal strife and external warfare eventually scattered and dissolved the Huns.

Sons of Huns are a rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon (Also home to yesterdays Fellwoods). These riff wielding nomads really have nothing to do with Attila or his empire, but hey, your that much smarter now.

What the Sons do bring to the picnic table is a refreshing fusion of garage punk, riff rock and stoner jams, cleverly intertwined with some catchy pop-like melodies. Fast paced garage punk saunters over and takes some tasty riff cues from some greaser with a mullet, who then points them over to a bearded man sitting on a tree stump staring at the sky. The bearded man gives them a blend of mushrooms, tree bark and LSD, then teaches them the ways of meandering jams. Sons of Huns emerge from this journey dirty, slightly confused and high as kite but still managed to throw down a collection of 6 tracks, that while being derivative of several other genres, melt together to give life to something new altogether.

This blend of genres is damn tasty and one of the better combos to grace my ears in a long while. Upbeat lyrics, big stompin’ riffs and filthy jams are all spread over their EP. Everything plays so well together, it’s a darn shame I’m only hearing of this now. From the more straight laced jams of “Behemoth Hop”  to the garage punk anthem of “Der Blaue Reiter” the Sons of Huns chisel out a sound all their own.

So if you can’t tell, I really dig this EP. Also it’s $5, so if you dig it, you should buy it, cuz it’s probably the best thing you could do with that five bucks, since the going rate of awesome is at least ten. Links away!

Sons of Huns Facebook

Sons of Huns Bandcamp


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