Powered Wig Machine and Bearded Ladies

You know those days when all you feel like doing is driving around with your windows down yelling “Fuck yeah!” at strangers and grabbing your crotch while flipping the bird? Powered Wig Machine makes music for those days.

I really wasn’t too sure what to expect from these Sierra Vista southern rockers but then I saw the title of the first track was “Mullet Man” and I knew we were in comfortable territory here. It’s obnoxious, southern fried, I-drive-an-Iroc-non-ironically denim jacket kinda rock. Crunchy riffs, howling vocals and stompin’ drums wrapped up in a fairly well produced package. I really don’t have much to say, because there really isn’t that much to say. Powered Wig Machine aren’t exactly breaking any boundaries or blazing new paths, but what they do, they do well and chances are if you weren’t interested you would have stopped reading at the first mention of “mullet”.

You can get the 4 track EP for $3.99 and let your inner western hillbilly run loose for a while. Next thing you know you’ll wake up in a musty trailer with a mullet, denim jacket, day shift stripper and absolutly no recollection of how you or that giant tattoo of Dale Earnhart Jr. on your back got there.

Powered Wig Machine Facebook

Powered Wig Machine Bandcamp



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