METAL MONDAY: Psycroptic bring the pain

It’s now time for your weekly serving or rectum rupturing, brain bruising, spleen shattering death metal.

“The Inherited Repression” is the fifth album for this quartet of Tasmanian death metallers. I haven’t heard any of their older stuff, so my impression of this album is just that, only this album. Psycroptic bring the pain in the form of meat and ‘taters technical death metal. Flaming fretboards, bombastic drumming and vocal viciousness all wrapped in one well packaged combo.

The main reason I dig this album so much is the way your fed the guitar wankery. Instead of following in the path stamped out by many other tech-death bands, that being play blast beats so fast your eyes bleed (not that it’s a bad thing, just only in small doses), Psycroptic slow things down a bit and keep the wankery sections at the forefront. The blasts of ferocity are smoothly transitioned into glorious, almost grooved, sections of shredding. This, along with their unique, warbling-yet-brutal guitar tone, makes in one of my favorite albums this year.

Currently signed to Nuclear Blast Records, you can get this album and all their merch through all the major online and retail outlets. I highly suggest you pick this up or at least give’r a listen.

Psycroptic Facebook


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