Well hullo there. Sorry for not posting over the last couple days. Reading week has finally started! Saw Barn Burner Friday night, fuckin’ excellent show, those boys know how to shred live (Would have been better with less bloody hipsters, they’re like rats I tell ya), then was hungover as shit Saturday and out and aboot today. But we’re back on track now. Cracked a beer and found some sludge, heeeeere we go.

In the tradition of finding bands by trawling Bandcamp, here’s Dopefight with their album “BUDS”. This being Sunday Sludge and all, you probably can guess that Dopefight play sludge, sludge so covered in bong resin and satanic symbols you can’t really be sure if it’s from this Earth or the nether region of some stoner exclusive Hell. Big, devil burning riffs that slowly pound you into a weed fueled submission. Fire breathing vocals that summon forth images of tortured souls in eternal suffering and plenty of headbang to go around.

Mix in a couple bluesy solo’s, some faster punk sections and suitable creepy samples and you’ve got yet another solid addition to any sludge collection. The guitar tone is nice and crunchy and soaked in plenty of distortion. The entire album plays out like one long jam, with minimal vocals and maximum headbanging, exactly the way it should be.

Dopefight are from the UK, currently unsigned and you can pick up the album “BUDS” on Bandcamp for all of 4 pounds (Read: $6.30). Find some speakers, smoke a bowl, crack a beer and turn it up loud enough to melt the resin off your speakers, it’s the only way to enjoy.

Dopefight Facebook

Dopefight Bandcamp


3 Responses to “SUNDAY SLUDGE: Dopefight”

  1. Awesome review. I got wrecked just reading it.

  2. yep Dopefight is really a cool band!

    you can read an interview by them on Blasting days :

    and prepare for the release in a few days of their split with the aslo cool Gurt!

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