Free Freaking Friday: Monster Truck

It’s FRIDAY. Thank.Fucking.Satan. Not only is school done pounding my ass like a red headed stepchild, I get to go see Barn Burner tonight. So fuck yeah!

Anyway. Here’s some free music for you.

Monster Truck are one of the prime examples of big, ball swingin’ swagger riff rock that we all love so much. From Hamilton, Ontario, I was made aware of their presence by my friend Taylor (His band The Baxters was talked about here). Monster Truck play exactly what their name implies, big monster riffs, soaked in whiskey and debauchery. Adding to their monster sound is the addition of rock ‘n’ roll keyboards, which add an awesome depth to the already awesome riffage.

The combination of keyboards, big riffs and strong vocals give Monster Truck’s sound a incredible amount of punch. Everything is mixed to perfection, with each instrument working together, instead of fighting for attention. You don’t play this music quietly, you play it as loud as you can get away with, and then some. Also, these songs are damn catchy, like stuck in your head for the better part of a week catchy. They seem to have the g-spot of riff rock and got the perfect combination of rock ‘n’ roll, stoner, classic metal and good times.

Currently they have two EP’s out, “Self-Titled” and “The Brown EP”, and both are available for FREE on their website So really, you owe it to yourself to jump on this shit, what your still here? Gogogo.

Monster Truck Facebook

Monster Truck Website



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