StoneRider and more classic goodness

Happy Valentines day if that’s what floats your boat. Only good thing about today is there’s new Beneath the Massacre which will get mentioned next Monday, but right now I’m here to tell you about StoneRider and their breed of awesome.

I stumbled on these guys while flipping through Youtube videos at random. After a couple wrong turns I finally ended up with some damn good riffage pumping through my speakers. Hailing from Atlanta, StoneRider bring classic, foot stompin’ riffs and good times. Taking cues from all the classic bands before them, the best way to describe their sound would be more of a straight rock ‘n’ roll Graveyard. Not much blues to speak of, just straight cut and pure rock.

They released their first full length, “Three Legs of Trouble” in 2008 and currently have their second album, “Fountains Left to Wake” scheduled to drop on the 28th of this month. Both albums are full of exactly the type of music we like here at the Church. Big, ballsy and full of swagger, head noddin’, beer drinkin’ kinda shit. It’s sunny day music and most definitely worth plugging into your ears.

I’ve got some songs from the first album as well as a Bandcamp stream of the teaser for the upcoming release (Look for a feature soon after). Get some!

StoneRider Facebook

StoneRider Bandcamp


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