Orange Goblin bring you a Eulogy For the Damned

Sorry for the lazy posting schedule, been getting bent over and fucked by school lately. Luckily school pulled out just in time for me to share the new Orange Goblin album with you.

So I’ll be honest, Orange Goblin has been around since 1995 and released 7 full lengths albums (including this one) and this is the first I’ve heard of them. Suffice to say I don’t know why it’s taken so damn long to get them into my ears. I don’t know if their sound has changed at all but what I do know is this album is chock full of everything needed for a stoner classic, heavy grooves and those.damn.riffs.

Right from the opening riff of “Red Tide Rising” you know exactly whats coming. Big, meaty, groove-laden riffs, booming drums and angry biker gang vocals. Orange Goblin do a good job of mixing straight rock with classic metal, stoner vibes and even some moments that have the faintest scent of some country influence, but not in a bad way. Keeping the infectious grooves in check with solid dosages of heaviness, they do a good job of keeping things interesting in a saturated genre.

“A Eulogy for the Damned” was just released today and is available on iTunes and all the other major outlets. I’ve also got the video for “Red Tide Rising” below.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to bend over for school again.

Orange Goblin Facebook


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