METAL MONDAY: Meankind on living, loving and slaying

I love having Monday mornings start at noon. Makes everything that much better.

So for today’s dose of skull shattering, organ grinding and flesh rending death metal, I give you Meankind.

Originally a two piece for their first EP, “22.Zero”, they have now expanded to a trio with a fourth honorary mustache member (A must in any band).  If the first line didn’t give you a hint, Meankind play death.fucking.metal. Their songs are fast, short and brutal with almost a punk mentality at times. Covering the gamut from tech-death shredding, to full syncopated face smashers, Meankind don’t let themselves stagnate in any one subset of death metal.

Never taking themselves too seriously, as you can see in the video for “Incomprehensible Appetite”, which results in a fun breed of death. Also worth mentioning is the vocal work of Péter Kelner, who’s gutteral growls and demonic shrieks are some of my favorites in this genre, not the guitar work by his partner Tamás Pencs is shabby by any stretch.

All in all it’s a fucking excellent 7 minute kick to the teeth that’s also…FREE. That’s right, you can download the newest EP, “Live, Love, Slay”, over on Bandcamp for free, which you should do because a good skullfucking of death metal is the only proper way to start any week.

Meankind Facebook

Meankind Bandcamp

And the video for the song “Incomprehensible Appetite”, chess and death metal abound!


3 Responses to “METAL MONDAY: Meankind on living, loving and slaying”

  1. Meankind is mean, and kind to lovers of propulsive death metal. I need to go listen to this new release asap. Thanks for the alert.

  2. […] fall, and it can be downloaded on Bandcamp. Check out Church of the Riff’s feature on that EP here. Also, while on the subject of Meankind, I’d like to plug That Devil Music, who have a […]

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