The Bandoliers and excellent mustaches

Coo-ee I really should actually start going to sleep at normal people times but one look at that dapper fellows facial hair and I just knew sleep wasn’t an option.

So in a mildly sleep deprived state I present you with The Bandoliers and their excellent brand of down home, feel good rock ‘n’ roll. Yet another Bandcamp find, The Bandoliers are a 4 piece from way down in Nashville Tennessee. With their single release to date, “Prove Yourself”, released on January of this year, The Bandoliers belt out a heaping helping of classic riffs and instantly likeable songs.

“Prove Yourself” is chock full of pure, un-pretentious rock and roll. Big comfortable riffs meshes together with some smooth, but not too smooth, vocal styling. The songs are catchy and instantly memorable, it’s the musical equivalent of comfort food. Big, greasy portions of stick-to-your-ears goodness that you can listen to over and over again. Full of handclaps, one note rock piano, gang vocals, some trumpet and even a little harmonica, it’s lighthearted and smile inducing.

Even more good news is that you can own this album for the low cost of FREE. That’s right, it’s free on Bandcamp right now, so you should like go download it and listen to it. Cuz like, it’s awesome, and free, what else are you waiting for?

The Bandoliers Facebook

The Bandoliers Bandcamp



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