Sunday Sludge: Stoned Jesus

It’s Sunday and I should technically be studying but not before sharing some satanic sludge.

Stoned Jesus are a fuzzed out sludge band from Kiev, Ukraine. They currently have two EP’s up on Bandcamp, “Stormy Monday” and “First Communion”. Personally I enjoy “First Communion” much more because for the “Stormy Monday” EP there is an entirely new lineup except for the lead singer and it changed their sound to something still listenable, but not as awesome.

“First Communion” is everything you need in a sludge album. Crushing, fuzzed out riffs that hammer along at a snails pace and eerie vocal builds that lend a certain occult flavor to their brand of sludge. This is the kind of music that meanders but you don’t really mind. Your being floated along a river of distortion and fuzz and slowly drift off and loose all track of time, space and the colour of your hair.

While the sound is heavy and riff drops quite crushing, the way it’s conducted lulls you to sleep in a way. It’s a safer breed of sludge where you don’t have to worry about demons from the nether rings of hell coming out and trying to twist your ears off with a pair of rusty tongs. You trust these riffs not to do that too you. It simple and predictable which is part of the reason it’s so enjoyable. You could almost say easy listening sludge, as blasphemous as that sounds.

Annnd here’s your links.

Stoned Jesus Facebook

Stoned Jesus Bandcamp


One Response to “Sunday Sludge: Stoned Jesus”

  1. Hey, nice to know you enjoyed our early stuff that much) Unfortunately, we never played sludge, and never will again – our second LP (the one you liked was the debut one) “Seven Thunders Roar” is going to be more psychedelic rock-oriented. Hope you like some of it though ;)

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