Indian Handcrafts bring the fuzz

Time for you daily dosage of fuzz, essential for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Indian Handcrafts come from Barrie, Ontario, which is quite close to me but this is the first time I’ve heard any of their music. When I did get around to listening to it I was pleasantly surprised to find a head shaking combination of sludge and noise rock designed to melt faces.

A big fuzzed out guitar tone, backed by substantially booming drums and some frantic vocals bring together their sound. While they don’t stray to far from the tried and true “melt face with distortion” sludge formula, it’s well executed and sounds good, which is really all that matters. Two tracks on the album, “Microwave Lunch” and “The Jerk”, show almost an indie rock influence coming through while still retaining the heaviness from previous tracks.

This indie/noise rock influence gives their brand of sludge a bit more a friendly tone, as compared to the absolutly bone shattering evil of a band like Dopethrone for instance. It’s done so well though, that it doesn’t alienate people from either side of the musical spectrum (lighter/heavier). At some points the songs take on almost a experimental feel, with screeching guitars and ambient synths backing strained vocals.

All in all it’s a solid album worth a listen for any fan of sludge or distortion for that matter. So give it a listen and leave some thoughts in the comments.

Indian Handcrafts Facebook

Indian Handcrafts Bandcamp



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  1. […] which is about 15 minutes from me. So local represent. Their first self titled EP I talked about here, and now we get a teaser video for the new album due out sometime in late […]

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