You Handsome Devil will take you straight to hell

So I’m walking to class today and there’s these two little kids walking in front of me. For whatever reason, one of the kids turns and makes eye contact with me. I pull out a headphone.

“Hey, are you listening to dubstep?”

“Don’t listen to dubstep kids, it’s bad for you.” And proceed on my way.

Where was all that going? Nowhere really.

So, You Handsome Devil most definitely don’t play dubstep. They play a razor edged combination of metal, punk and groove ‘n’ roll. A rather infectious combination I might add. Calling Toronto home (or the 41-666, as it may be), You Handsome Devil do their level best to violate your earholes while simultaneously making you break out into uncontrollable head banging.

The riffs are nice and meaty, the drums have a deep, satanic boom. If you were to imagine what Elvis Presley would have played if he were the antichrist, you’d be getting pretty close. Going so far as to incorporate elements of sludge and even doom metal, You Handsome Devil cover the gamut of awesome riffage and then some. I really can’t pick a favorite song, each one is rad in it’s own right. It’s music like this that makes getting up in the morning worthwhile.

I’d also like to comment on the excellent use of samples, with the album opening with a quote from the infamous GG Allin:

“Well first of all, for me, rock and roll to me has always been about real rebellion and non-conformity. And my mission has been to put danger back into rock and roll, something that’s been missing for a real long time. And I use my rock and roll as a weapon against society the government and the industry itself who’s trying to confine this type of music and they’re trying to preach to you. Rock and roll is not about what you look like, who you hang out with, how much money you make, what kind of car you drive. Rock and roll is the fury from within you. Rock and roll is revenge. Rock and roll is your enemy, and I am your enemy.” – GG Allin

Their self titled album was released in July of last year and is available on Bandcamp for a name your price option. Download it and put it to 11, cause that’s the only way to properly enjoy shred this good.

You Handsome Devil Bandcamp

You Handsome Devil Facebook


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