Carnaval: Tennis Football Basketball … and riffs

Holy hell, I really need to stop getting woken up by the sun and the kids across the road screaming on their lunch break. Anyway. Time for some music.

Carnaval are from Ljubljana, Slovenia, yes that is a place but I totally had to google it to make sure. Carnaval play a very riff centered form of alt rock. A nice meaty guitar tone and solid drums get combined with some almost indie rock esque vocals. There is also a whole lot of muscianship on display, as shown from the about 3 minute jam that makes up the end of the title track, “Tennis Football Basketball”.

They have a lot of creative riffs and song structures spread over the entire album. “Kick Ass” has a staccato rhythm and softer vocals, while “Sugar and Sweets” dives in with a heavier guitar and thicker baseline. Favorite song is either the title track or “El Caracazo”, which drops in with some chunky stoner riffing, then mixes in a cowball and keeps the jam going.

I recommend giving the whole album a run through, it’s definitely a pleasant experience. Only thing I can say is it would be rad if they sang in their native language, I’m not really a huge fan of foreign bands that sign in English, whatever the reasoning may be. Thoughts?

They have released 3 full albums, with only two on their Bandcamp. I think their unsigned, but I’m really not sure since I can’t read their Facebook or website. Either way, get listening.

Carnaval Facebook

Carnaval Bandcamp


4 Responses to “Carnaval: Tennis Football Basketball … and riffs”

  1. Carnaval are an unsigned band, all three of their albums are self-published. They do everything themselves with some help from friends and colleagues. Great guys and a great band! I just stumbled on your blog googling something on Carnaval, can you tell me how you found out about them from across the ocean? And yes, Slovenia is a very real place, greetings from it’s capital, Ljubljana :)

    • Thanks for the info! That’s sick they do everything DIY.

      I have a habit of just randomly browsing through Bandcamp and clicking on stuff that looks good, it’s lead me to a lot of great stuff including Carnaval.

      • That’s a great way to discover music, I’m glad you found Carnaval worthwhile. By the way, I noticed that you published Iron Sky trailer and since we’re on the subject: the trailer also features music from another Slovenian band, Siddharta (from 1:17 onwards you can hear their song B-machine). They’re not really of great interest to me but I just thought I’d mention it since everyone here is really thrilled by the trailer and Siddharta’s song appearing in it.

        • Most of the music I post here has come from Bandcamp, it’s the easiest way to be exposed to music on a worldwide level.
          Yeah not a fan of Siddharta either but that’s really cool they’re music is being used in the trailer/movie.

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