Use The Fuzz: Split EP – Parasol Caravan // Cachimbo de Paz

Thanks to Islander over at NO CLEAN SINGING I got informed of this upcoming split between two Austrian bands, Parasol Caravan and Cachimbo de Paz. Slated for release on the 16th of this month, Use The Fuzz is a solid 8 track homage to stoner classics, big riffs and the ever glorious fuzz.

Parasol Caravan play a very straightforward, but very tasty, style of riff rock. Big, memorable riffs, heavy drums and all topped off with some whiskey soaked vocals. They pick you up right away with the opening build of “The Barbers Snake” and keep the fat grooves going until the closing drone of “Chinese Eyes”. The vocals are more of a soulful yell then a drunken growl but it works well with the modern rock themes that they work into their songs. Definitely worth a listen.

Cachimbo de Paz claim the last four songs on the EP. They play on the opposite side of the stoner spectrum, with heavily fuzzed and distorted guitars combined with thick, gritty vocals that border on sludge territory, it’s a nice contrast to the cleaner sound that Parasol Caravan brought to the table. Instead of keeping the heavy guitars as the focus and just beating your head in with them, Cachimbo work in some softer, almost psychedelically styled licks and interludes.

This EP is a great combination of two up and coming bands, playing two different but complementary styles of riffage. I’ve got links to both bands respective Facebooks/Bandcamps/Soundclouds and I’ll update with a link to buy the EP once it’s released.

Parasol Caravan Facebook

Parasol Caravan Bandcamp

Cachimbo de Paz Facebook

Cachimbo de Paz Soundcloud


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