METAL MONDAY: Nekrogoblikon and their Stench

*Metal is a huge part of my music rotation, so every Monday I’ll highlight one of the bands that is currently melting through my eardrums.*

Goblins have always been shit on in fantasy worlds. Usually classed as no more than vermin, they get kicked to the wayside as their orc and troll cousins go on to become world famous metal bands. Well Nekrogoblikon is a group of those goblins who snuck into a bands jam space, slit their throats, stole their instruments and then burned the place down. Now they roam the land raping and pillage with a doubled edged assault of skull crushing brutality and eye watering stench.

Nekrogoblikon pull all the stops in order to forcefully eliminate mankind. Galloping drums and riffage, well used synths and choruses more infectious than the black plague. With the switch firmly in the “fuck shit up” position, these goblins tear through songs, and your flesh, at a breakneck speed. One thing that separates them from other creature-based bands is the liberal usage of synths. From extra drum triggers to a full on dance beat at one point, it’s always surprising but never unpleasantly so.

The other thing is that these songs are damn catchy, “No One Survives” and “Prince of the Land of Stench”  (Which opens with a sample from Labyrinth. Yes the movie Bowie was in.) being the prime examples. As your nodding your head and singing alone you’ll come to the horrible realization that your singing about the gore and feces filled destruction of the human race. They don’t just want you dead, they want you ground up, eaten, shit out, lit on fire and then snorted like cheap cocaine. Goblins are evil bastards after all.

Nekrogoblikon currently have two full lengths out, “Goblin Island” and “Stench”. Both are up on Bandcamp and iTunes. Pick one up and help fund the end of mankind.

Nekrogoblikon Facebook

Nekrogoblikon Bandcamp

And the lyric video for “Prince of the Land of Stench”:




One Response to “METAL MONDAY: Nekrogoblikon and their Stench”

  1. FANTASTIC!!!! This band is just amazing

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