Dead Guys: because drummers are for sissies

Trawling Bandcamp for new jams has led to many a hidden gem, the Dead Guys are definitely one of those gems.

This trio from Duluth, Minnesota, play a blues/rock hybrid akin to early White Stripes or a more badass Black Keys. I say badass for a couple of reason. Firstly, they don’t have a drummer. Guitarist Jake Scott stamps on a ratty old kick drum with a tambourine atop it. The second reason is they use a banjo, anything with a banjo gets way more badass points in my eyes.

Keeping pace with the single kick drum adds a certain organic nature to their sound, it sounds raw and much more intimate than if they would have played the songs with a full kit. The songs have a slow, meandering pace that’s backed by some very tasty riffage and a solid baseline. It’s a very relaxing and comfortable sound that could easily be played over and over again.

Now the bad thing about the Dead Guys is they only have two songs as of now but the good thing is they’re FREE. So give these a listen and a download and give them some love on Facebook too.

Dead Guys Facebook

Dead Guys Bandcamp



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