The Heavy Eyes and the simplicity of the riff

Memphis, Tennessee is the largest city in the south-west state and the 20th largest in the United States. Known for it’s giant pyramid arena, the Memphis in May celebration, and one other thing. That one other thing is a man by the name of Elvis Presley. Arguable one of the most influential people in modern rock and roll, he was one of the first to blend country, rhythm and blues into one oh so tasty combination.

Being from the home of such a legend may or may not have had an influence on The Heavy Eyes sound but either way their self-titled album is chock full of bluesy riffage, down tempo headbanging and so much of that glorious fuzz. Their riffs don’t beat you over the head or kick you in the teeth, they pick you up, get your head nodding and float you away on a great fuzzy cloud.

Taking the blues from Graveyard, the jam stylings of Radio Moscow and then doused the entire thing in a blanket of Whores –esque fuzz, you have The Heavy Eyes. This isn’t complex music, it’s sit on your ass high out of your mind music. Some people might argue that is sounds simplistic and derivative of all the great bands that came before them. But that’s the point; it doesn’t need to be complicated when you can write songs this god-damn captivating.

So basically you should buy this album. It’s $5 and they’re unsigned so it’s not like you’re paying a label. So get stoned, put this on and just drown yourself in the excellence that is fuzzy riffs.

The Heavy Eyes Bandcamp

The Heavy Eyes Facebook

Here’s a Bandcamp stream of the self-titled LP.


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