Free Freaking Friday: XII Boar

*So in order to make Friday that much more awesome, and since free sounds good when you get all fancy with your alliterations on a Friday. I give you Free Freaking Friday, in which I’ll highlight a band that is not only freaking awesome, their music is also freaking free.*

I was introduced to XII (Read: 12) Boar’s distinct brand of tasty riffage by the good folks over at NO CLEAN SINGING, which is another metal blog you damn well should be reading. XII Boar hail from Aldershot, Hampshire of the United Kingdom. Now well a place like Aldershot, Hampshire of the United Kingdom doesn’t sound like a place you expect to hear some ball swinging, guitar swaggering riff’d stoner metal coming from, XII Boar deliver all that and more.

Currently unsigned (I believe) and with a total of eight released tracks to their name, XII Boar packs more pure swagger and riffage per square second in those either songs than most bands can manage in a career. I’m talking whisky drinking, harley owning, weed smoking pure motherfucking riffage. As much as a homage to Motorhead as pure badassery, XII Boar will hook in you right from the opening groove of “Smokin’ Bones” to the opening chug of  “Triclops” these boys shred.

Oh and best of all? It fucking FREE! So go download this, right NOW.

XII Boar Facebook

XII Boar Bandcamp

And a bandcamp player embed for all you lazy fuckers.

Annnnd the video for “Train Wreck”, cuz I’m just such a nice guy.



6 Responses to “Free Freaking Friday: XII Boar”

  1. Dildo Valerie Says:

    I think this blog will be good. How do I RSS it?

  2. XII boar is indeed a really cool band!

    maybe you’ll be interested with this interview with their drummer :

    by the way congraulation for your blog, I’m a regular reader and added it to the blog list of my own one, Blasing days.


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