Black Mountain and their army of sky sharks

While the majority of the riff coverage on this site is of a more aggressive, whiskey drinkin’ , ball swingin’ sort of nature, that doesn’t mean that the softer side of the riff is totally forgotten. Sometimes you don’t want to headband (Shocking right?), sometimes you just want to smoke a bowl and drift away into the gaping maw of a great white SKY SHARK. True Story.

So. Where is all that babbling going? To Black Mountain that’s where. Black Mountain come from the city of Vancouver on Canada’s glorious west coast. Formed in 2004, they have released 3 full length albums with the label Jagjaguwar. They’ve gained a moderate amount of fame within Canadian and international music circles as a band that weaves together soothing melodies of Zeppelin inspired riffage.

While all of their three albums are worth a listen, their third album, “Wilderness Heart” has been getting the most spins on my record player. Hearing these guys through a analog system just adds that much more to the appeal. Their song structure is minimalist, which works extremely well. They don’t rock out right in your face, the tempo slowly builds as the melody changes. Then a big boss motherfucker of a riff charges in and takes hold of the situation. Coupled with the amazing vocal combination of Stephen McBean and Amber Webber this album will keep you floating along in a kaleidoscope sky, chased by a horde of sky sharks of course.

Alright I’m done blabbing. MUSIC.

Black Mountain Facebook

The videos for “The Hair Song” and “Old Fangs”.



2 Responses to “Black Mountain and their army of sky sharks”

  1. This is good stuff. Thanks for the tip. I really like the video for The Hair Song, too.

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