Whores hail from Atlanta and bring a kick to the face of sludge based neo-monolithic-pick-fuck-noise rock.

What that translates to is BIG.MOTHERFUCKING.RIFFS. Then you take those BIG.MOTHERFUCKING.RIFFS. and just drench those suckers in distortion. Then deep fry it in fuzz. The louder you play them, the better the end result it.

Keeping a molasses thick sludge pace, Whores will pound the fuck out of your ears while simultaneously spraining your neck from uncontrollable headbanging.

Whores. are currently signed to Brutal Panda Records and have their debut EP Ruiner out now.

Buy this record, turn it way the hell up and just wreck shit.

Whores Bandcamp

Whores Facebook

Got your bandcamp player right here:


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