Graveyard: You really should be listening to this

Graveyard are a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They play a blues influenced style of psychedelic/hard rock. You should listen to them.

But seriously. Graveyard’s sound is ripped straight out of the ’70s. Catchy riffs and bluesy licks all wrapped up in a nice layer of fuzz and surfed over by vocalists Joakim Nilsson whiskey soaked but not cigarette scarred lyrics.

Their most recent album, Hisingen Blues is something you can listen to from start to finish, over and over. It will keep you captivated right from the charging opening riff of “Ain’t Fit To Live Here” to the soulful closer “The Siren”, you’re never left wanting.

So go out there. Buy this album. Maybe consider buying some greenery to go with said album. Crank that shit to 11 and enjoy.

Graveyard are currently on tour with Radio Moscow (who will be mentioned later), but only in the states.

Graveyard Facebook

Here’s the video for the title track, Hisingen Blues:


4 Responses to “Graveyard: You really should be listening to this”

  1. Good choice to kick things off. Graveyard are great.

  2. Saw them in Ballard on Wednesday. The last day of the tour with Radio Moscow and Sandrider. Show was fukken awesome!

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