Barn Burner: If Iron Maiden drank more beer, smoked more weed and ate more poutine

Barn Burner hail from Bongtreal (Read: Montreal). Comprised of four sleazy dudes they play exactly what the title says. New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) at it’s core but covered in weed resin, beer, gravy and cheese curds. These guys shred.

Currently with 2 full albums, Bangers, and Bangers II: Scum of the Earth and signed with Metal Blade Records, they have not been getting nearly enough attention. Press play on any of their tracks and you get blasted with foot stomping riffs and beer drinking drums. Playing more in the mid tempo range, than the face blistering range, you get plenty of time to bang your head or air guitar along.

With a strong hesher influence seen in songs such as “Scum of the Earth”, “Keg Stand and Deliver” or “Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow”, Barn Burner always keep shit rowdy without loosing track of that oh so glorious riffage.

They’ll be playing a couple of Canadian dates this month, so get tickets, get wasted and get head banging.

17.2 Toronto @ The Horseshoe Tavern
18.2 Ottawa @ Mavericks
23.2 London @ Call The Office
24.2 Hamilton @ Casbah
25.2 Kingston MANSION

Barn Burner Facebook

Here’s the video for the song “Scum of the Earth”, which contains shredding, babes, more shredding and general shenanigans.

And “Half Past Haggard”, which while being less awesome than the above video, is still worth your time.


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  1. […] video floating around today and it reminded me of the first post I made on this venture – Sometime in 2012 – about one of my favourite bands at the time, Barn Burner. A band that got me to develop […]

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